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Why Pay for Professional Bridal Makeup?

Bridal Makeup by Cindy Nguyen

A Bride's Wedding is probably one of a few very important days of a women's life. It signifies an important day where she/he is bound by vows to someone whom they wish to live happily with for the rest of their entire lives together. From my experience, Brides have a lot to worry about on their wedding day and on top of all the craziness she has to look her upmost, very best to savor the beautiful moment of her day as a Bride. The question that many Brides may have is why should I pay for professional bridal makeup?

One of the most important reasons is professional. Professional makeup artists are usually very well experienced in working weddings. They understand time management and how to work with the bride and her schedule. Professional MUAs have a makeup kit that is diverse and very clean. Sanitation is extremely important, especially when a professional MUA works on many different clients. When brushes and makeup products are not clean, this may spread bacteria and cause irritation and inflammation of the skin. This is not a good sign that makeup artist's kit may not be sanitized as it should be.

Professional MUAs knows what they are doing and is very well educated in the usage of all types of makeup products, makeup tools, and makeup applications. The MUA can work on anyone of any ethnicity and background and is easily able to demostrate ease of his/her talent through the artistry of makeup. Professional MUAs are very confident with their talent and provides the Bride nothing but the upmost calming, relaxing and, most importantly, feeling that she is the most beautifulest of them all on her wedding day (and she is). Professional MUAs know what kind of makeup products to use to make sure that the Bride's makeup remains flawless and last all day long.

In addition, professional high definition makeup provides a flawless look both on camera and in person which makes the photography everlasting and the Bride absolutely beautiful at all times. The pictures will not savor the beauty of the Bride, but also all the one in a life time moments that she is having with her family and her soon to be Husband. You know you have picked the right makeup artist for your wedding when your husband to be sees you in that white gown, beautiful face and magnificent hair and cannot takes his eyes off you. The best reviews that I have received are from Husbands who where pleasantly surprise by the beauty that their Wives appeared on their wedding day. The makeup doesn't change the woman, it helps brings out unique features on her face and makes it more vibrant in addition to giving her a wonderful, beautiful feeling she will be having all day.

A Bride should always get pampered with her professional hair stylist that knows exactly how she wants her hair and a professional makeup artist who knows what to do to make the Bride feel nothing, but the beautiful Bride that she is suppose to be. You can't go wrong with a professional hair stylist or makeup artist on your wedding day. They are very well prepared and are very well experienced in working in this type of environment. They know what they are doing. Promise.

So why pay for professional bridal makeup? It is definitely worth it. You will get what you pay for and more with a professional MUA and you will stay absolutely gorgeous in those pictures/videos that are being taken for during your wedding day. The last thing a Bride should worry about is how she is going to look for her wedding day. That's what we are here for...this is our job and we feel absolutely wonderful to be apart of such a wonderful gathering of people. When you look back at those images in 10 years and show your children, you can say I was definitely one fine, beautiful looking Bride and have absolutely no regrets on the most important day of your life.

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